Signs of Pest Infestation

Dealing with pest infestation is never easy, early intervention is the way to prevent these pests from damaging goods and properties. The best and most effective way to address your pest problem for good is by seeking the help of professional pest control services, so that they can use new innovations and techniques to solve your pest problem for good. In order to prevent pests from destroying your properties,  you as well as your staff needs to keep on the lookout for any sign of pest infestation and address it as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, early detection is the key to prevent pests from damaging your goods and infrastructure.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the signs of pest infestation. If you and your staff keep on the lookout for these signs you, will be able to address your pest situation before it gets out of control. However, if you spot signs of infestation, fret not, seek the help of professionals like Pestbuster Singapore to effectively manage the situation as soon as possible!

Their droppings

The first thing you should look out for in order to know if your workspace has been infested by pest is their droppings. Always check for urine trails as well as their droppings. Checking of these wastes is not too difficult since they are a bit larger especially when compared to other insects.  A regular and extensive examination is critical. Also, inform your cleaning staff to be on the lookout for any traces of pest droppings. If you are able to detect pest on time, you will be able to take steps to exterminate them before they reproduce.


Rat and mice usually make a nest when they enter a new environment. They basically use whatever material is available to them to build their nest. They can use materials like paper, leaves; grass remains and so on to create their nest. Most of the time, they build their nest in discrete location that you might not easily get access to. This includes areas of a wall or a hole. In order to locate pest on time, you have to regularly check out for signs of their nest.

Grease mark

Another way you can determine if your home or office has been infested by rat is the presence of grease mark or tracks. Rodents like rats and mice have a habit of using a single path for their travels, leaving greasy trails behind. So if you see a dark spot on your walls there are chances that rats have infested your property.

Physical damages

The major reason why a lot of people want to exterminate pest like rats is due to the damage they can cause. Checking for physical damage to your property is yet another effective way to determine if your structure has been infested by pests. What you should do here is to check for holes, cabinet work or wiring. Also, you have to keep your eyes peeled for damaged wood. This could be as a result of a termite infestation. As soon as you notice any form of damage to your property, the best course of action is to contact professionals so that they can help you identify, as well as, exterminate pest on your property.


Damaged plants could be another indication of pest infestation. Be on the lookout for trails of insect in your garden, patches on the lawn and irregular grass length. If you observe any of this sign in your garden, it could be as a result of pests like flies, cricket, bugs, mole, beetles and others.

Final note

If you look out for the signs stated in this article, you will be able to detect easily if pests are on your property and also be able to take action to eradicate them for good.

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