Powers of SAP HANA

Powers of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is gaining traction as an immensely effective database management system in a number of organizations. The SAP high-performance analytic appliance is equipped with features like predictive analytics. However, the most attractive feature is that the application can process a large amount of data in real-time. Instantaneously.

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The SAP HANA has a number of highly beneficial features that could go a long way in data mining and data brokering. In addition, it also helps businesses to identify the latest trends in business and strategize accordingly.

Here are some of the most advanced and useful powers of the SAP HANA.

Efficient data security

SAP HANA is largely used to process massive amounts of data. This could include significant amounts of highly sensitive information. SAP HANA is equipped with a feature called real-time data anonymization. This means that when the application processes data in real time, it provides a high degree of anonymity of the data being processed. This data security feature allows even the most sensitive data to be processed in a highly secure environment.

High performance

The speed with which the application can process data accounts for its excellent performance. You can achieve the maximum possible benefits with a designated amount of data. Multiple jobs can be run at the same time and a single job can be run as many times as needed to get refined results in the end. In addition, transactions of any type can be carried out across the platform in just a few clicks thus increasing the overall efficiency of business operations.

Enables machine learning

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to learn without having to be programmed. Typically, this is achieved by training computer systems with historical data. The systems are then subjected to similar situations and the data from the previous training sequence is used to provide a response. In such cases, a computer should be trained only with highly relevant data to extract highly significant responses. SAP HANA, with its ability to process significant amounts of data in real time is an effective tool in enabling machine learning. Data can be easily managed, extracted, and reported with the help of this application.

These are 3 of the most significant powers of the SAP HANA. The application is equipped with a number of other features that can be tweaked according to the needs and requirements of different businesses. If you need a SAP HANA for your company, hesite no more and look for a vendor today.

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