Key factors in implementing SAP ERP

Key factors in implementing SAP ERP

SAP ERP has become a crucial element in running any business. When implementing SAP ERP, knowing certain key factors will save a business time and avoidable revisions.

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We will take a look at these factors in this article.

Management commitment

In any organization-wide undertaking, obtaining management buy-in is crucial for its success. When discussing with management, be sure to highlight the anticipated benefits of SAP ERP for the organization. Having projections and testimonials from other users can help in demonstrating the effectiveness of the system to the management.

Scoping of implementation

The user group should be involved in the process of planning the implementation as they are the ones who will ultimately use the system. Time should be invested in figuring out their needs. This will result in higher adoption by users even in the face of the sweeping change.

Expert project team

Building a project team with a qualified project manager is critical. The team should comprise members with unique viewpoints to bring to the table but also display compatibility. The project manager must be skilled and experienced with the right training in project management.

Usage of a methodology

System implementation is not done by businesses very often. Therefore, organizations do not usually have in place a ready modus operandi at hand. Proven methodologies for SAP ERP can be adopted. The methodology can be rejigged as required during the deployment. It is not necessary for every organization to devise their own implementation procedure.

Sufficient resources

The business needs to ensure sufficient cash and other resources are available to support the SAP ERP implementation. Dearth of resources can set back the implementation process and result in further hampering of productivity beyond what has been planned.

Change management

It is common for people to resist a new system when it arrives, even the users who complain about the previous system. SAP ERP implementation should be accompanied by a change management system consisting of awareness creation, training, and other methods. The aim should be to create an environment that fosters change that leads to improvement.

Keep the above key factors in mind while planning for the implementation of SAP ERP in your organization. SAP ERP implementation, though worth the investment, typically does take time and resources. This will ensure that the most significant fronts are covered in the task of implementation, making your SAP ERP implementation much smoother.

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