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Detergent CUIRNET: universal detergent APRA for vinyl upholstery

The spaces where vinyl upholstery has been employed frequently are being used intensively. Same as all inside products the upholstery also must be cleaned on a regular basis.

For every kind of contamination there exists a solution. For every kind of contamination, there also exists a product. But is this the desired solution for you? Cuir S.A. offers the solution to very frequent contamination on vinyl upholstery. Cuirnet, the universal detergent for quick and easy cleaning of vinyl upholstery. A strong concentrated detergent. Simple use, quick and effective. Leaves no rest. Appropriate for daily use as well as for periodical cleaning of walls. We guarantee the result!

Detergent Cuirnet:

  • Mild, universal detergent
  • Appropriate for daily as well as for periodical use
  • Cleans quickly and effectively
  • When using it correctly, it leaves no rest
  • May be applied diluted as well as undiluted
  • Ecological composition and packing
  • Contains no ammoniac nor phosphates
  • Easy to use
  • Inodorous
  • Indefinite shelf life